Interesting from page one!

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My actual rating is a 4.5/5 but I round up in these cases. Plot wise, this story is interesting, and intertwined amongst it self. It's a good murder mystery that has romance sprinkled in, and over coming family trauma. Io is a youngest descendant of the Greek fates who is suddenly thrown into investigating a murder done by an entity never seen before, with her fated that she has been ignoring all her life. The world building that is included in this book is pretty interesting and I loved learning about all of the different other-borns, and the mechanics of how the city of Alante itself works. Character wise, I want to learn more about the middle sister, and some of the side characters. Otherwise, Io and Edei are super cute and I love the path Io takes to try and over come the impossible tasks given to her. I also love the simple fact that Edei is precious and loves bees so much.
I'm done rambling now. Hope you guys enjoy this as well when it comes out.