Incredible worldbuilding!

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I must say as someone who reads a lot of mythology based fantasy books this one really stuck out for its awesome premise and wolrdbuilding. The author did a fantastic job exploring and incorporating various mythologies from around the world into her own unique world. The idea of these other-born that are descendents of Gods and Goddesses that are born with these gifts from the God they descended from is epic. The moira-born though that it must be 3 sisters and each has a gift based on the order of birth?! Amazing! The author's ability to craft this world with all these complex nuances and nods to mythologies was awe-inspiring.

I really enjoyed reading about the complex relationships between the sisters. Io is a character that is relatable and yet her own harshest critic. I was really impressed by how the story progressed and the details that made this world come to life. It was an incredible journey and I look forward to disappearing into this vibrant world again.