I loved it!

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Threads That Bind is a fascinating blend of a futuristic fantasy novel and a good old-fashioned detective story. Io, a descendant of the Fates who has a gift for seeing - and cutting - the threads that bind people to what they love, sets out to solve a string of murders, and ends up caught up in something much bigger than she expected.

My favorite thing about the book was the world-building. I read a lot of fantasy, including a lot of mythology-inspired fantasy, but I've never read anything like this. The world Hatzopoulou creates is fascinating, and I want to read more about the other-born and their various powers.

I enjoyed the plot as well; there are a large number of interwoven threads, which felt a little hard to manage at first. However, it all coalesces into one clear narrative by the end. There is clearly a set-up for a sequel, and I will definitely read it if this series continues!