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The Greek Fates, threads that can be cut and then something the person treasured means absolutely nothing to them anymore and magic! The world building and descriptions in this book kept me enthralled from the first page to the last.

The characterization was extremely well done with the little nuances that brought each of the most important ones to life and also convinced me that I liked them enough to care about what happened. Books with characters I dislike very quickly are ones I am always eager to stop reading, so that is a very important point.

There is a bit of mystery here that the two most important characters, Io and Edei, set out to solve. Important clues come to light as the story progresses leaving me feeling as if too often my life is interrupting the story I want to read.

I loved this book and I hope the author decides to continue the story. The ending wraps everything up in a way that there is definitely the possibility that there can be more to tell.