Interesting world building

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At first glance, the cover is pretty but a bit too chaotic for me. Though I'm not entirely sure, I think it was the pink threads on the top that became too much.

But, after reading the First Look, I understand the cover and think it's really nice. It's still busy, but I understand the points of the different aspects.

When reading the First Look, I was immediately drawn in by the connections to the ancient mythologies and the abilities given to those who are descendants of the gods and goddesses. From the abilities related to the Threads of Fate given to the protagonist Io, her present sister Ava, and her absent sister Thais, to the just barely mentioned abilities of the Nine, who were descendants of the Muses, I want to know more about the abilities.

From the beginning, Io is presented as a strong woman who is determined to make her own way in the world, and I always love reading books with protagonists of that type. But even more than that, what has drawn me in is the socioeconomic pressures that those who are other-born live under, oppressed and tracked in the name of the protection of those who aren't other-born. I want to read more about this society and how those prejudices will play out.