I'm Definitely Bound.... TO READ

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- First of all that cover! Author you sure know how to draw a girl in!
- Ooooooh author that Prologue sent goosebumps up my arms, I love it!
- I get Io's fear of edges, personally I like the feeling of being mid ait and dont mind height but seeing the edge that just feels like a taunt and makes my breathe come quicker.
- Why did Thais leave? Can't wait to find out.
- I believe that fear is a double edged blade, depending on what you fear and for whom, it can paralyze or embolden you.
- Yes she has glasses! (Me too 🤓)
- I wonder if being moira-born is slightly normal in this world 🤔
- Oh that is a sad job and I think that you portray knowing what is usually unknown as sometimes being a curse well.
- Is it bad that I'm happy that the husband and the mistress's thread had been cut? - In my opinion I'm not wrong but that is because I abhor cheaters so I want to know if I'm biased, what do you think author?
- I honestly have no idea what to say about the old woman, this concept is so interesting and mysterious to me as for Io's love thread.... I'll need more information for that judgment but if it were me I would dive head first to my love.
- Did Thais go to find other like them? Other other-borns?
- Oh shoot Ava is rolling with the Fortuna~
- I have a feeling Bianca Rossi is going to come up later
- Io's thread mate/love sounds hot- sorry to say it so crudely
- Please don't let Edei and Ava be dating, please don't
- I don't get how the mom has the right or gall to brag while not being involved in her daughter's life.
- Was Thais's love thread severed? Is that why she is mad about Io's?
- I'm liking Bianca Rossi and her role in keeping the Silts safe as Edei him being high ranking makes him even more intriguing , author I'm going to be so sad when this first impression is over 😭
- Okay I like the diversity going on with io, Edei and Bianca and for some reason the green velvet suit made me think if the Onceler
- Bianca's asking the right questions- Who is they?
- I'm curly haired too Io I get it
- Are the triplets back?
- I wonder if Io was predestined to have many threads so that she can save others by sacrificing them
- If Io and Edei don't end up together!!!! 😭😭😭
- made private record...what the heck. This keeps getting more and more complicated and intriguing
- Is Luc Saint-Yves to support his "Initiative" and become mayor? Oh a moira-born girlfiend huh? more like Thais
- NO the end of the first impression!!! Author you can't leave me like this, I need more soon! You really are a good writer I can't wait to read more!