What a mesmerizing start

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You are thrown into what seems to be a sci-fi dystopia and have no clue what the heck this is all about, but man if that story isn't mesmerizing from the very first sentence. Red - whoever they are - seems to go through the aftermath of a battle. And while all this really seems outer space, there is something we can connect with. A letter. A letter that shouldn't be read twice apparently, and yet Red can't help herself.
We get to know a little about Red, as she seems to be a soldier in a war, working for the Agency. And she likes the feeling of feeling, which might make her an android of sorts. Backup up that the has artificial skin, programmable matter and armor tucked away in her body.
And she is faced with a mystery of a letter that should have been burned, was burned, but is now whole again.
There is space, war, mystery, feelings and a letter - all in six pages. Can't wait to see what this book is able to do with the rest.