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This is possibly the strangest book I’ve ever read. I actually ended up doing the audio and I did the whole thing in one sitting, which isn’t hard since it’s less than five hours and the narrator is pure magic, such a soothing, soulful voice I loved it.

I can see why this book is so difficult for so many people. First of all it’s almost totally written in poetry, which makes no sense, I actually don’t get or like poetry but that might have helped me out here.

The love story of two women on opposite sides and completely opposite species if you can even qualify them as that of a time war.

The whole book takes place in the letters between these two women. I think it’s gorgeous. I think it’s totally innovative. I’ve never read anything like it and I’m not sure I ever will again.

if you are not into hard sci-fi or haven’t read a shit ton on time travel I think this will be really difficult because it kind of blows past a whole very intricate world that they don’t dive into - you’re literally just with these two characters in a complex world that is not explained AT ALL - falling in love. If you love hard sci fi and want the ins and outs of the world this isn’t what you’re going to get. If you’ve read enough that you’ll blindly believe most things and can immerse yourself in another world… this might be for you.

Lyrical poetry magical realism w/w romance time travel fever dream.

This isn’t for everyone. There were times I wasn’t even sure it was for me.