Strong concept, but the execution will not please all

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I love the concept of this book, and some bits are super creative and interesting, but the style just didn't really work for me. The constant switches between epistolary and regular prose sections -- not to mention the fact that the two protagonists, known as Red and Blue, sound exactly the same -- made it quite difficult to follow which POV was being expressed at any given time. And throughout, the writing was just extremely poetical. I am glad that poetical sci-fi queer romance exists, but I guess it's just not my favorite subgenre!

I enjoyed the last third, in which some relevant world building and context are finally (FINALLY!) revealed, including some much needed dialogue from additional characters. All of this brought life and narrative tension where before there had been precious little of either.

Ultimately, this is an "Emperor's New Clothes" kind of book. That is, the kind that makes many readers afraid to admit that they didn't like it, or didn't get it, for fear of everyone else thinking they are dumb or uncool. To all such readers: it's not just you.

(I received a Review Copy of this book via NetGalley)