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“To read your letters is to gather flowers from within myself, pluck a blossom here, a fern there, arrange and rearrange them in ways to suit a sunny room.”

Half action and half epistolary, this book is delightful, witty, earnest, and heartwarming... especially given that the characters are enemies who often destroy entire civilizations as part of their assignments.

The language is beautiful, with a layered and lyrical prose that made me want to savor each chapter.

Plus, you know, time travel.

Bonus Opinion: One of the highlights of each back-and-forth letter was the creative ways of addressing each other by their chosen names of Red and Blue. My favorite “Blue” nickname was 0000FF (in reference to hex codes), and my favorite “Red” was Miskowaanzhe (the Ojibwe word for red that I will admit I had to look up when I got to this mention in the book).