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In the ashes of a war, two agents from opposing factions end up exchanging notes through time. I will admit that a lot of this book had me lost, but I enjoyed the ride. It also could've been the fact that it's hard to listen to audiobooks when sitting next to an airplane engine.

This book centers on Agents Blue & Red. Each one belongs to a different faction that is trying to win some obscure war. We're never really told what each side is fighting for besides control. But the sense of never knowing was enticing. It made me want to keep reading. Also, the letters between these two were fascinating. I loved how the agents hide them within the puzzle that is the Time War. It kind of reminded me of Dr. Who in a way.

I loved that Red and Blue constantly were pushing each other to fly past their own perceptions. The way they fell in love was so touching. And they did it all without face to face interaction. I don't think I'll forget this story any time soon. But I need to reread this because I'm still not sure I understand what the heck happened at the end.

Emily Woo Zeller reads one of the Agent's perspectives and I absolutely love her.