One of the best novellas of all time!

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he story is written back and forth switching from Red to Blue and vice versa throughout the story. This Is How You Lose the Time War is unlike any book I have ever read before in my lifetime. This unique way of story telling allows a natural growth to the plot and development of it’s characters. It also easily emphasizes on the distinct personalities and voices of the main characters unlike a story that is written by one author.

The shift in perspectives is smoothly done as well and wasn’t at all close to a whiplash. The world itself serves as a background and a tool for the characters to propel the story forward. The descriptions is vivid and sensory pleasing for the imagination that is filled with rich important details that ended up being a key that ties the story together.

Their correspondence is intoxicatingly sweet with yearning that it just buzzed me from start to finish. It added an addictive aspect that made it harder for me to put the book down. I gutted myself for putting it down for a day because all I wanted is to be with Red and Blue to witness the ending to their story.