one of my favorite books ever

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this is one of my favorite books of all time! its super short and the world is so incredibly high sci-fi that i don't think i could ever truly understand everything there is to understand about this story. regardless, it is a masterpiece. in such a short amount of time, the authors made me care so deeply for the two main characters. i absolutely sobbed my eyes out on the first read, i was so deeply impacted, and i still have deep memories of that reading experience. i own three copies of this book, and i would recommend it to absolutely everyone. i know the level of sci-fi is a struggle for some, but if you can put that aside (even if it's still confusing) the character work in this story is absolutely worth it. this book changed me, which is always the best and my important kind of book, for me personally. i just adore this book and these characters so much! go read it!!!