Not every battle's grand, not every weapon fierce.

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As a hopeless romantic, the flowery language and connection between the two rival faction female protagonists that seamlessly jumped back and forth through different time periods and events was what kept me wanting more. Despite my love for Sci-fi, I wasn't here for the rippling impact of what the different factions were attempting to accomplish, but for how the two taunted and interacted with one another. How Red picks up Mrs. Leavitt's book on correspondence and peppers in what she has learned. (PS the "break the seal" scene had to be one of my favorites of these moments.) Just as Blue promised infiltration, dared Red to be infected by her, I felt as if I, too, was infected by them.

This book has become one that I not only recommend to everyone regardless of genre preference, but that I find myself gravitating back towards multiple times a year.