Hard and Confusing Read

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This book was so boring and so hard to read that I almost gave up on it. But I pursued - I continued and although I was still confused and found the writing very hard to understand, I came to fall in love with these two characters and their relationship.

To me this book was so hard to understand and so much of it was confusing, but I understood the overall plot and idea that they were trying to get across.

I really had a hard time getting through it and committing to it, until very close to the end where it finally started getting better, which was about halfway through.

The connection, love, really helped the story move along and I actually hoped for them and hoped for a happy ending.

The book ended in a really good place with a hope for the future, and it would’ve been really hard to continue writing the story any further.

Overall, could have been a good read had it been written a bit better!