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I absolutely loved this book. Went bonkers for it.
The plot is complex and intrincated, but not too hard to follow, even though, as a sci-fi novel, it deals with some very complicated issues regarding the mechanics and consecuenses of time travel, but it does so in such a way that the science-y detalles are unimportant, and one as a reader carestía only for the action part, which is compelling as can be.
The characters are beautifully written, dinamic and multi dimentional. As the story progresses, we watch them evolve and unravel in unexpected ways, and the time travel element allows to compare them constantly to the way they were a while ago.
This is the perfect, bite-sized, cozy, stunning enemies to lovers! action packed and full of romance, the relationship between the characters is so well constructed it seems fated, so tender and sweet you'll need to see a dentist afterwards.