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Red and Blue, the 2 main characters in this novel are competitors and enemies. However, over time, they fall in love and the novel is a series of letters detailing their ill-fated love, as they are expected to kill one another.
While I don't normally enjoy this type of work -- science fiction / fantasy, the writing was beautiful. I listened to the audio, and I found the reader did a great job with the voices of Red and Blue, conveying emotion.
The two characters, while they are enemies, try to find a way to be together, doing what they can to keep their romance a secret, while attempting to continue to fight the war. They devise a plan where they attempt to thwart the powers that be, so that they can be together.
This is a short book, and can be read or listened to in one sitting. Again, the writing is very beautiful, almost lyrical. I appreciated that aspect the most.