a quick and lyrical love story

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What I liked about the book:
the premise is great and unique, I have never heard about another book about two time travellers from different side of an endless war falling in love.
The writing was phenomenal, it's lyrical and flowery, the authors clearly both know how to write well. Additionally, it keeps the two different perspectives distinct, so you never wonder who you are reading about.
the ways in which the two lovers communicate are so creative and distinct, every time I kept looking forward to the new ways they manage to hide their messages to each other.

What I didn't like:
personally, I'm a big sci-fi and fantasy fan and I like my worlds to be explained in detail, which I didn't get from this book. The reader never finds out what it is exactly that the two sides are fighting for or against, we just see the characters go on smaller tasks. I would have loved to get more about the actual war aspect of the story.