Raw Portrayal

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I knew based on the premise that Thirsty would be tugging on my heart, but I'm not sure I knew just how much. Though this book is quite a raw portrayal of its themes of addiction, trying to fit in, and feeling unworthy, it is written in a way that feels well targeted to its YA audience. I would recommend this for older teens as they near the end of high school, and are transitioning into college and adulthood.
Thirsty is great at putting you into the mind of the main character, Blake, including the way it was formatted. I think that attention to detail really added to the experience.
I do definitely urge readers to check the content warnings before reading this story (they are included at the beginning of the book). Hammonds introduced conversations concerning race and gender, and also on attitudes around drinking, so well. Often concerns are dismissed around these topics if someone's life hasn't been completely destroyed yet, and Jas challenges that mindset with this book. I think this story could be a great way to introduce or jumpstart discussions that people (me) have been avoiding with family and friends.