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This book was exactly what I needed to spark me out of a reading slump. It was so powerful and moving, but not overwhelming. This was such a great example of alcoholism and toxic relationships. It had you uncomfortable but in all the right ways. I love how developed and complex the relationships were. Jas Hammonds did a phenomenal job on the FMC character growth and development. It showed that societal standards to "keep up" can affect everyone, no matter the race or class status. As a mixed girl who went to a predominately white college and joined Greek life, I related so heavily to the FMC. It is such a battle to try and maintain the appearance when really you don't feel like you fit in.
I loved the writing style and I could not put it down. I foresee this being a pivotal read in a lot of young women's lives. It will definitely be one that sticks around my top reads this year!