Just sad and Amazing

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The book is sad and amazing simultaneously because it is well-written, the characters are brilliant and the story and plot are so well done. Still, it's sad at the same time because this book talks about alcohol abuse in young adults and what can lead to the loss of friends and family, jobs, school, and loneliness. This book can help teenagers and young adults recognize that they have a problem with alcohol abuse and how to recognize true friendship vs fake friends letting you kill yourself by drinking just because you are fun when drunk. It’s well-written and has a pretty accurate portrayal of teenagers who drink to excess. The book is about Blake Brenner nice and normal 18-year-old with big plans for her future. She and her girlfriend, Ella, are a college couple and hope to join the Serena Society to ensure their future goals come true, but the biggest thing standing in their way is Blake’s drinking. and due to her drinking, she gets a new personality that ends up hurting people and leaving Blake to clean (meaning she doesn't have any memories of what she did the night before).