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Blake spent most of her highschool years and growing up following in the footsteps of a prestigious and popular girl Ella , her mom was a Serena Society sorority, and she so wanted the title, and to be in the most popular sorority ever, carried down by her friends mother ,and her friend Annette was always picking up the pieces of Blake’s broken heart, but at what price, did it cost Blake, she was going down the path of destruction , being in this friendship with Ella, it was tearing her down and Annette had had enough of this train wreck and let it be known to her , Ella was causing Blake to self destruct just to become something she wanted more than Blake really did , Ella was going down hill fast and poor Annette was always the one trying to pull her out of all these disasters until the final straw the night of the pledge when Roxanne embarassed Blake and Annette and Ella stood there not doing anything to defend her , and that’s when Blake saw her true colors !