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I was amazed with this book. This is the perfect story for teens and young adults. Anyone who has had a difficult relationship with alcohol or has been impacted by other's relationship with the substance may be hit hard. Blake, the main character, realizes throughout the story how alcohol impacts her and brings her mental health to light.

This book covers a variety of topics very artfully. She discusses the pressure of partaking in alcohol even after feeling the negative effects, attitudes about gender and sexual identity, toxic relationships, growing up in a biracial household, and the privileges of wealth. Almost everyone will find some way to relate to this story and will get to see the way Blake grows and learns to take care of herself.

I also love the characters Annetta and Alice so dearly. I hope that everyone gets a chance to meet such supportive friends in their lifetime. While they made their own mistakes, they both did their best to look out for Blake.

This book helps readers to evaluate their behaviors and relationships. It is a great way to bring more sensitive topics to light and allow people to discuss them.

Those who read should take care to look at the content warnings first!