Thieves' Gambit - Review

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Reader’s Notes:

– this is the first in a series (not sure how many books, but there is at least 1 more releasing November 2024); this story is for the most part complete on it’s own, there is just a new situation/issue introduced at the end that characters now have to address

– this is told from Rosalyn’s (Ross) point of view

– there are about 4 curse/not nice words

– there is some violence

– there is some innuendo


This book was compared to The Inheritance Games book series & Ocean’s Eleven which is a perfect comparison! I loved both of those and really loved reading this book! I loved getting heists (one of my favorite forms of action/adventure/competition in books) and having the variety of characters pitted against each other for tasks. I loved that Devroe was not only suave and interested in Ross, but that he didn’t give up when Ross stated she wasn’t interested any sort of relationship with her competitors. Their slow burn towards having a possible romance was beautiful and I’m curious what another book’s worth of events will do to it. I also loved that Ross created/had a few connections with other competitors as well by the end of this book. I’m very excited to see where everyone ends up by the time Heist Royale releases!


Ross Quest has been thieving since she was little, having grown up in a family of thieves. Her skills are on point and especially excels at finding the perfect escape routes for any heist. And now she’s about to pull a job of her own: to escape to a normal life outside of the Quest legacy. But when her plans are dashed and her mother is held for an absurd ransom, Ross has to pull an entirely different kind of job. One that might get her killed.

By entering the Thieves’ Gambit, Ross puts herself up against the biggest names and upcoming starts of the thieving world where there can only be one winner. The prize? One wish and a year long contract with the gambit’s organizers. And Ross needs that wish to save her mother before time runs out…