Fast Paced!

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WOW!!! This book was quite a surprise. The story drew me in and then took off not letting go until until the very end. I'm not sure if it stopped even then. Is there a sequel?

I couldn't help but like the main character Ross, A.K.A. Rosalyn. Even though she was brought up to be a thief, there was a certain vulnerability to her personality. She was also loyal to a fault and while she said she had a hard time trusting people, most of the ones who got to know her liked her because she cared about others and treated most of them with kindness. .

The situations Ross found herself in left me frantically turning pages to make she was okay. The entire story was quite a roller coaster ride of difficult situations and even difficult people. There were crazy twists and turns throughout. The ending was completely unexpected; although there were hints that something like that was a possibility.

I'd give the book 4 stars.