Entertaining YA Novel

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Ross Quest has been told her entire life that she should never trust anyone unless they are a Quest. In her seventeen years of life–seventeen years spent as a successful thief with an incredible ability to escape–this advice has served her well, but when a heist goes wrong and her mother is taken, Ross is left with no options and enters the Thievers’ Gambit. Only the best of the best are invited to partake in this contest, a contest that comes with an amazing prize, as well as some serious danger. Unfortunately one of her rivals is also one of the competitors, a rival with a bit of a vendetta. Determined to win the competition and the prize, a prize that could free her mother from her captors, Ross soon discovers that she may not be able to follow the family advice if she hopes to come out victorious in the end, but not following it could lead to disastrous, and deadly, results.

Thieves’ Gambit was like Oceans 11 with some of The Skulls thrown in. It is a novel full of twists and turns with some big surprises and revelations along the way. There were some moments in which the narrative seemed a little slow, but for the most part this novel kept me hooked, wanting to know how the characters would overcome the obstacles in front of them, if they did at all. The characters themselves were intriguing. I liked the diversity within the group as well as the fact that each one brought something different to the story. I especially had a fondness towards Ross; she is a strong female character that surprised me with her inner strength as well as her maturity. While I expected there to be some sort of big “aha” moment(s), I was rather surprised by some of the revelations made at the conclusion of Thieves’ Gambit.