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I am a slow reader and I often struggle to continue a book and finish it swiftly due to both my pace and my schedule, yet the chapters of this novel flew past. In two days it was finished. I couldn't put it down.

I loved the endless stream of action, yet even when there wasn't an active heist taking place, I continued to be enthralled by the characters, their relationships and their growth. I love Ross as a character and could relate to her thoroughly, as she navigated friendship for the first time and learned to trust.

The ultimate plot twist and betrayal which ripped this away from her broke my heart, to see Ross escape the grasp of a manipulative relationship only to build her walls even thicker and taller due to betrayal. Maybe the plot twist was something another individual could have seen. I was so enthralled in every twist and turn that I never saw it coming.

I feel extremely satisfied (and destroyed, angry, devastated) with the end of "Thieves Gambit" as the main story came knotted in a bow while leaving other threads completely unraveled, which makes me so extremely excited for the sequel! I can't wait to see how Ross copes emotionally with the trauma this book has left her with.