Could not put it down!

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The Quest family has legendary status in the world of thieves and while Ross is a master thief herself she’s desperate to break out on her own. But when her plan to escape goes awry, her mother’s life is left at risk. With no other options Ross enters the Thieves’ Gambit, a heist competition that will put her skills to the test. Winning won’t be easy, especially when she finds out her competition includes her childhood nemesis and a handsome charmer intent on making a play at her heart. Ross must figure out who to con and who to trust because in the end, only one will win.

When I saw this book described as Inheritance games meets Ocean’s Eleven, I was sold. Then I read the full synopsis and was drooling to get my hands on this book and man it did not disappoint!

Now I love a good rivals to lovers so seeing a romance wove within the bigger story was nice. However I can’t lie, I was basically addicted to the heist storyline. My husband even commented that I must really be enjoying this book because it seems to be all I wanted to do this past weekend. Well duh…with short chapters, quick pace, and captivating storyline it was impossible to put this book down.

While this is a book full of thieves, we obviously had a lot of morally gray characters but I found myself loving almost all of them.

Honestly, this book was just so much fun to read and the twists at the end left my head spinning in the best way. There is a sequel coming out later this year and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! I need more Ross Quest in my life.