A fun read!

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This is a really fun concept and a good blend of heist plot with coming of age issues. You do need to suspend some belief here - young teenagers pulling off John Wick level stunts with little planning isn’t perhaps the most realistic, but it is fun! 😂

There were some memorable side characters and I loved the frienemies relationship between Ross and Noelia - their backstory and growth was so well done. The romance unfortunately didn’t work for me, it felt very forced, like it was added in to fit the genre template not because it fit the story. I liked Devroe as a character, but he and Ross had no chemistry and the relationship was unnecessary. Ross is a stubborn character who repeatedly makes frustrating choices, so I hope we see some significant growth in her by the next book.

While some aspects of this are fairly predictable, there were some good twists that took me by surprise. This is the first in a series, but there are too many issues left unresolved for me - I wanted a little more closure in this instead of the abrupt ending.

The rights to this have been sold and I think it will make an amazing movie or show. As a book it’s enjoyable, a bit on the younger side of YA and a series I will plan to continue! I’d rate it 3.5⭐️

Thanks to Penguin Teen and Bookish First for the early release copy!