YA's Not Typically for Me

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As you can probably tell from the title, Young Adult books aren't typically for me, even though I grew up The Pretty Little Liars series. This book gave me a flashback that with the spoiled, rich high school girls wearing designer everything, whilst also having secrets of their own, that they'll kill for to keep safe and sound, and mostly quiet.

Oh and then maybe a dash of Ninth House with the secret societies on campus and all.

Even though the book is titled "They Wish They Were Us"... honestly if I had this life, I wouldn't want to be them at all. In fact, I want to be so far from these blatant disregards for human decency and safety as possible. Overall, the book was good and Jessica Goodman did a great job at pitting me against these nasty girls, rooting for the underdog. If you're looking for a quick YA Thriller... this is your go-to for a quick nail-biter/heart-racer.
4/5 stars.