Thrilling YA

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The Author packs an intensive punch with this suspenseful and unpredictable YA thriller. It was a fast and easy read for me because the storyline was absorbing and I couldn’t find a point where I could let myself stop reading. The characters so realistically represent high school teenagers and the problems they face in the wake of pleasing their parents, keeping good grades and dealing with peer pressure. This is a chilling read where you aren’t quite sure what lengths someone will go to, to achieve the best grades, popularity and get everything they desire.
If you want to be a PLAYER, which is a secret society that only Gold Coast elite freshman are selected for. One must try out and perform a list of secret rituals in order to be inducted to this elusive club. What comes with it isn’t only being a PLAYER until your Senior year but a whole world that opens up to you that helps you get the best grades, reach the best contacts, attend the best parties and pretty much ensures your success after High School. But when Jill Newman and her best friend Shaila Arnold make it their freshman year, only one of them survives. Because one of them is murdered. The killer confesses and is behind bars but when new evidence is found, it may be that the confession was coerced. That would mean that the killer is still out there and possibly one of the PLAYERS.

Becoming a player is a gamble. The rules are terrifying and your life may just be the very thing at risk.