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I really liked the synopsis of this book which made me pick it up. I love a good mystery and thriller and I'm so sad to say that I was a tad bit underwhelmed. Don't get me wrong I still liked this book. I guess I was just expecting more. I did think the characters were okay but I didn't get attached nor did I love them. They were pretty stereotypical but I guess it's fine since it is a high school setting and story. What I wish there was more of, was diversity. Diversity is so important especially in YA book, but I do think it was lacking it in this book. There is one gay character, but that's all? There isn't anyone of color which is also not sitting right with me. I will say that this was a page turner and I was kept interested. I didn't get bored and there was something there that had me wanting more. I love the different time settings during this! The way it jumped back and forth from present and past was done well! Overall the book was fine, didn't like it but didn't dislike it.