Pretty little liars meets the Skulls

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When I first picked this up I thought Pretty Little Liars meets The Skulls, in some ways I was right, in some ways I was very wrong.
Jill was the perfect main character, the girl every other girl wanted to be and the girl every guy wanted to be with, the fact that she was a little broken just made her that much more.... well extra, dear lord I never thought I'd call a character extra.
The plot kept my attention, thinking that the tragedy that was Shaila had been solved and she could move on with her life, but then the idea that Graham wasn't guilty wiggled it's way into her head, and cast a shadow onto every other interaction once it was revealed that Graham had an alibi.
Now it might seem I didn't like this book and that's not it at all, the book itself was well written, I mean prep schools and secret societies what's not to like, and if I hadn't read a few other books of the same type before this one it could easily have been a five star book for me, but if I'm going to be honest as good as it was there were other books that kept my attention a little better.
Would I recommend it? Yes, without even thinking about it, just make sure you're in the frame of mind to go back to high school and everything that means, including wondering why on earth the characters make the decisions that they do.