Not what I was expecting

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I read a lot of mystery/thriller books so I'm always excited to find a new one. The premise of this book sounded really interesting too and it jusy so happened to fit a prompt for a bingo so it seemed perfect. But then i actually read it.

That might make it sound like it was a bad book. And it wasn't. I can't say I didnt enjoy reading it. It was just overall kind of meh. I think I was comparing it to some of my favorites in this genre and compared to those, I didn't like it as much.

I understand that the whole point is that they're the popular kids, but it still came across way to clique-y for my liking. And like the main character needed to go out of tbeir way to prove they didn't care about status to be the good guy. I also kept waiting for the challenges to be worse then they actually were, especially with how big of a deal the main group made out of them.

Overall it wasn't bad and I dont regret reading it. But it still wasn't a favorite.