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This book is everything!! I am a sucker for mean girl books and this was IT. We have an exclusive club, on the beach as well as rivalry between everyone -- what more could you ask for? The characters are shallow, vapid and mean but it works so well. You honestly get lost in the book as you're reading and find your self wishing you could be along side jill solving the crime. speaking of the crime -- was anyone else shocked when the truth was reveled? I mean, I'm not going to spoil it but WOW. I mean, I did have bad vibes from him but I just thought he was a creep.
Seriously though, if you like pretty little liars then you MUST read this book. The secrets, parties, lies, etc. It all just adds up to make one big messy drama vibes that you can't pull away from. The writing is so tastefully done and the clues are put in there at the perfect time. I have nothing bad to say about this book.