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They wish they were us is based on a rich high school full of popular teens who know they can not make it in this world without being apart of the best groups and dating the popular boy or girl. But everything changes when one girl is murdered. Was it an accident? Was it jealousy?was it an act of passion?

Who was it? As I read the novel I noticed two things. One, everyone is a suspect. Two it even could have been the teachers. No one wants to speak about the death of the popular girl and when they do it causes drama and unwanted fights.

I loved the novel but sadly wish there was way more action involved. It did seem like the novel was so slow up until the last 100 pages. Which did not help keep me into the novel. I need enjoy the authors writing style and how she knew how to write about popular teens and what goes on in the schools. I also liked how you can relate to the students.