Liked this one a lot!!

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I really liked this one! They Wish They Were Us is a YA murder mystery that reminded me of One of Us Is Lying (but better) mixed with Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars.

The Players are an elite group of students at a private high school where the children of the wealthiest, most important people of Long Island attend. Jill is recruited along with her best friend, Shaila. During their freshman year Shaila dies during initiation, presumably by her boyfriend Graham's hands. Fast forward to Senior year when they are now the rulers of the school, new evidence comes out that could possibly exonerate Graham. Jill starts to question her friends and what really happened that night.

This story isn't just about power, popularity, lies and murder. It is about teenagers navigating true friendships, deep grief and managing the high expectations placed on their shoulders by parents and society. I loved Jill as a narrator. She was very authentic and believable. My only issues were that the ending was predictable and the middle was a little slow. Otherwise this book was gritty and smart. Well done (especially for a debut 🙌), Jessica Goodman!