Intense / Full of surprise

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Intense book with lot of mystery and suspense, this book is perfect for those who enjoy books about murder mystery and secrets held by messed up people. We get to experience the characters deal with these problems and it is a really enjoyable read that never gets boring. It is set in modern day with a lot of rich characers much like Gossip Girl. The cover and the description are awesome about this book but it wasn't quite as good as I expected. It has a lot of appeal and I kept reading but it was only a three star book for me. It is enjoyable if you like trashy exciting drama filled books or tv shows but this books wasn't quite as good as I had expectations for. I still didn't give it a low rating because even though it wasn't really my type of book many people enjoy very messy books with very complex characters that aren't always good and try to get away with bad things.