Great thriller

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I love a good prep school/boarding school murder mystery thriller. That’s how this book caught my eye. The cover lured me in and the story line kept me reading. The plot was thick with twists and turns but it was still a light and short read for me. I have enjoyed all of Jessica Goodmans books including this one. I look forward to more books by this author!

They wish they were us takes places at a fancy exclusive prep school in Long Island. Hill Newman and her fun group of friends attend school here. But the prep school is not all that it appears to be. Three years earlier Jills best friend Shaila is murdered by her boyfriend, Graham. He even confessed to the murder so it was solved quickly. Now it’s Jills senior year and she starts receiving text messages saying that Graham isn’t the killer. But if Graham isn’t the killer then who is? Could it be someone else in her circle of friends? Will she be able to figure out who the real killer is before graduation?