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They Wish They Were Us is the ideal title for a young adult mystery thriller that will make you think, "Thank God I'm not them." Jessica Goodman skillfully introduces us to a collection of characters who make you feel uneasy right away. It's incredible how she managed to make me care about them despite their morally ambiguous identities, all while developing suspense.There are also times when the subject of sexual harassment is raised. No one spoke up on several occasions. Not the girls who had experienced what it was like to be in such a predicament. There are no "good" boys. It was handled at the end, but it seemed insignificant given that the victims we see on the page were not even offered an apology or any support.ill does a fantastic job as a narrator. Though being a Player has tainted her moral compass, she cares deeply about right and wrong, Shaila, her younger brother, and her future.