Enjoyable Thriller

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"I wonder what kind of damage we have inflicted on each other and if we will ever learn to heal."

They Wish They Were Us was an enjoyable YA thriller. It felt like greek life meets a cult meets high school, and I was entirely here for it.

Did I guess early on who did it? Yes. Did I also start assuming other people were guilty the further I got? Yes. Did I still enjoy reading about the mystery and seeing it be solved? Absolutely. There were small twists that I didn't see coming that added to the suspense of the story. I felt like I was constantly waiting for something bad to happen, and I wasn't sure when or where it was gonna happen or to who.

The characters were so different and all had different objectives, even within the Players. I felt an affinity for Rachel and enjoyed the humanity she brought to the story. But me and all my homies hate [redacted].

Overall, I think this a great thriller for people who really like a focus on characters and how their relationships with each other affect the plot. Also for anyone who just likes a good murder mystery.