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I was very eager to read this book. I absolutely love the boarding school setting. It’s one of my favorites in the YA world. The main character of this story is Jill. Jill’s best friend Shaila is murdered. Shaila’s boyfriend was accused and convicted of the murder. Jill is also member of a secret society (That everyone knows about) called The Players. This is a YA trope I see a lot. A group of teenagers who are above the rules. They have dramatic freshman initiations every year (bullying and hazing). Like in every book with a society as this these teenagers are somehow above the rules. They have the “connections.” I feel like what should have been the main plot (The murder) turned into the side plot and the focus was put too much on The Players.
So much so that I’m actually struggling to remember how the mystery played around. We learn that The sister of Shaila’s boyfriend starts texting Jill claiming that her brother
Is innocent. This was set up to be a great mystery, but for me the focus was just too much on The Players.