Basic Horror

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While I see where this story was going, I think the author, just like in They'll Never Catch Us, needs to trust her readers more, and honestly, be okay with the readers figuring out the killer beforehand. There's absolutely nothing wrong with having smart readers that put two and two together. I just feel played with a lot in this writing, and I, sadly, won't be reading more of Jessica's work. Also, I think the privileged, rich kid storylines are pretty bland and overdone at this point. Nothing new or invigorating was added to spice up this common trope. I definitely understand wanting to show the dark truth of hazing, but it only made me hate the characters more to be honest, which could have been the intention... I just don't have ANY sympathy for them whatsoever, and that's where I draw the line with unlikable characters. There has to be some redeeming quality that makes them more human and empathetic for me... WELL this didn't have that. I should just stick to thriller movies because thriller books make me so angry.