Another winner

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Yet another win for Goodman. She definitely knows how to spin tales and keep her readers on the edge of their seats. The one thing I don’t like about her books is the portrayal of the elite rich kids. Almost all of her novels have them going to parties nonstop. Drinking, doing drugs. Hooking up. All the time. I’m not naive enough to say that doesn’t happen but I don’t think it happens quite as much as she is writing about. I work in a fairly elite private school. Yes, I know the kids drink, do drugs and hook up with each other but I don’t think it is to the extent that Goodman portrays it to be. But, then the story wouldn’t be what it is without all of that going on. I see why she needs to put it in there. I just wish authors could write YA novels that the kids love that didn’t always glorify the partying lifestyle.

Now that I’m done with my soap box, I will say that I really enjoyed the book. I was constantly changing my mind about who the suspect was. Who was sending her texts. Why was the whole murder coming out now, three years later? Why can’t Jill enjoy her senior year and just move on?