Amazing read!

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I always love a good prep school thriller filled with drama and some murder! This was a binge worthy thriller that I was engrossed in from very beginning. I had a love hate relationship with the characters. They were all well developed and had good and bad qualities, but for the most part I found them unlikable. I enjoyed that the characters were mostly unlikable because it made the book all that much more interesting to me. The writing style of this book was fast paced and easily understood. I never felt bored when reading, in face I never wanted to put the book down! I took off a star because I was able to predict the ending, but the book was still an amazing read. The plot was not all that unique, but I thought that the characters were which made up for some things that the plot was missing. This binge worthy thriller is perfect for those who are fans of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars!