A Typical Teen Mystery... but darker

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“They Wish They Were Us” was a dark teen thriller with a couple good twists. I appreciated the mystery at the forefront of the book, and the characters had good development and growth throughout the book. There were a lot of similarities to Sara Shepard books, which I also enjoyed.

I did think the ending was a bit predictable and the general plot was redundant with other teen thriller books. There was the mean, popular girl that something terrible happens to; the quasi-outsider main character who makes their way into the inner circle only to question if it’s worth it; and an anonymous person contacting the main character about the mystery.

This plot follows the same pattern as other books in this genre (i.e. pretty little liars), which was unfortunate. However, this book was a lot darker than other teen thrillers. There was always a layer of sadness or depravity with everything that occurred in the book, which made it stand out when compared to others in the same genre. Overall, this book will have you turning pages quickly to find out what happens next, even if what happens is somewhat predictable.