A standard ya thriller

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I’m a little disappointed with this book! It started out out so strong with a compelling plot! I loved the academic private school setting. I love the trope of “rich kids behaving badly!” One of the characters dies in a hazing accident and then her boyfriend gets the blame. Jill then decides she doesn’t want to be involved anymore and attempts to solve the murder. Im struggling a little bit to form a coherent review because even though I’ve read this book recently I’m struggling to remember what even happened.

I enjoyed the sorority/fraternity vibes, where the characters went thru some hazing. However it felt very standard thriller. I felt like I could guess the bad guy from the beginning, which isn’t necessary a bad thing if it’s fun getting there. I’m just little let down. However, I do see potential for this author and will pick up their next book!

Also, can I give bonus points for an absolutely beautiful cover!