A Captivating YA Murder Mystery

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Jessica Goodman wrote one of the summer’s most anticipated books and it packs an intensive punch! This was such a suspenseful and unpredictable YA thriller. They Wish They Were Us is an addictive murder mystery set in the backdrop of one of Long Island’s most exclusive and prestigious school, Gold Coast Prep.

It was a fast read for me because the storyline was completely absorbing and I couldn’t find a point where I could let myself stop reading. The characters were very realistic of high school teenagers and the problems they face. This is a chilling read where you aren’t quite sure what lengths someone will go to, to achieve the best grades, popularity and get everything they desire.

I highly recommend this one if you love a good murder mystery or if you love a good YA about rich kids who do crazy things. Looking forward to more from Jessica Goodman in the future!