Stunning First Impression!

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Goodman’s book starts with the death of a “Player” at the oh, so posh private Gold Coast Prep School. Shaila was fifteen when she died and her boyfriend Graham Calloway was charged with her murder. Now, it’s senior year for her friends, the leaders of the Players of the school, the “in” group that decides who is worthy to join their private club and who isn’t. Jill is a scholarship student, but she keeps this secret so that she is more accepted to her group of friends which includes Nikki, Marla, Henry, Quentin and Robert. Of course, at one time Shaila and Graham were Players. The entitlement of the group is obvious from the first chapter, with Nikki arriving at school in her BMW and Henry leaving school in his Lexus. The Players play hard, have a file that helps them cheat and they all bond around the guilt of Graham, even though he was once one of them. The scene is set for conflict when Jill gets a text from Graham’s sister Rachel insisting that Graham is innocent. The First Impression ends with a flashback to Shalia’s funeral and the scene from Nikki’s first party of the year. This book promises to be a fun look at high school life among the rich and privileged and how Jill will fare with them since she is not really rich at all. I am excited to find out more as I was part of the “in crowd” in high school: I represented the nerds in our eclectic group and I’m eager to find which Player is most like me...not the killer, I hope!