Sisters and Murder

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They'll Never Catch Us follows a pair of sisters who are in constant competition with each other. They run cross country and both just want to get a scholarship so they can get away. A new girl joins their team and breaks down both their walls, but then goes missing. All eyes turn to the Steckler Sisters.

I really enjoyed the storytelling in this book. Both sisters read completely different, and even though they had the same end goal their motivations were different. I did sometimes want to shake them and have them realize what's going on but it only added to the tension. Ellie especially had a hard time standing on her own. I liked the ending which went a different direction than I had suspected. The overlying talking point about driven women being judged or labeled unfriendly names felt heartbreakingly true. Also, the pressure that is put on highschoolers to have their entire lives mapped out and to avoid any deviations or distractions. For me, this was a 4/5.

If you like murder/mystery intrigue, stubborn girls who will do anything for their sister, or just really love running, then this one is for you.